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Team One NY is a group of business owners from across the country providing a business system, training and world class support to individuals looking to supplement their income or seeking business ownership through a home base business in marketing, endorsement, and promotion for the fortune 500 companies.

​Hi I am George Baez, founder and CEO of Team One NY

Our FREE launch event helps individuals launch their independent business using our unique business concepts and principles. 
Our FREE training program consists of personal development and business development.
​If you want to use your time to make more money, but aren't sure where to start, I strongly suggest you look at Team One. Why? It is the easiest and quickest way to start your own Internet business. You can read all you want about starting a business, but it's different when you actually have your own business and a team to guide you, support you and encourage you like Team One.

 Most Team One NY business partners are already working as employees, therefore many are not used to leading people, inspiring others, or setting goals. Team One provides a safe place for new business owners to grow and learn. "We promote positive values and an environment where everyone has an incentive to help others grow and learn."
Our system is simple but is not easy. It will require work and effort, but the rewards are, you get to create a life by design  not by default.  

Do I think Internet Network   marketing is your fast track to riches? No. Do I think it is for everyone? No, But you will never know until you try it, besides I think it provides an unbelievable     opportunity to learn and to experience what it feels like to be responsible for running a business, something I learned to appreciate.

Are you ready to create more money, time, energy, passion and a strong reason why in your life? Learn how to live your best life now with our free resources: You will join a community of passionate people who want to achieve more in life. With our free programs, you can participate in training and conferences with experts, celebrities, authors, and awesome leaders. Take the first step toward creating a better version of yourself. With “Team One, Do Life Better.”
Come join us and experience success.  
Let Team One NY show you the simple steps. We are having live Online workshops. Contact  me to get into our next Online workshop.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Future, Succeed in Business